Rajasthani Welfare Society
Rajasthani Welfare Society

Our Aims, Objectives, Values & Activities



  • Sustain a Rajasthani culture centre of excellence for its members and shared value to the wider community.
  • Recognised by members and the wider community as a progressive, supportive and effective organisation.
  • Ensuring services provided - add value, encourage participation and excellence. 



  • To promote, enhance and develop the Rajasthani way of life. 
  • To educate and communicate the diversity and richness of the Rajasthani culture. 
  • To educate young members in all aspects of the Rajasthani culture. 
  • To help, advise and inform members. 
  • To establish a permanent focal point of activities.



  • We will respect individuals and communities in which we operate: be accountable to our members by supporting and upholding the purpose of the RWS and making the environment a pleasant experience for members and visitors. 
  • We will value, support and respect connections with various individuals and institution by supporting innovative initiatives that aim to modernise the services of the RWS. 
  • We seek out the best and support those who are able to make a contribution to the RWS by encouraging excellence. 
  • We seek to create sustainable improvements to enable the RWS to thrive.
  • Adopting a caring approach - respect, wellness, sustainability & environmental concerns will be central to our thinking.



We celebrate the festival of Holi each year at the RWS Hall. See Events for date.


Celebrated at RWS. See Events for dates.


We organise a 2 days event each year with our brothers and sisters from SSPYM. See Events for details.


To keep our tradition alive and raise funds for good casues, we hold Bhajans on a regular basis.

Halloween Party

See Events for Details.

Annual Chrismas Party

We organise an annual Chrismas Party for Children from various Communities. A free event.


We offer free yoga classes. See Events for details.

Music & Singing

We are currently establising Rajasthani and Gujarati Music and Singing Classes.

Health & Fitness

We have assigned Malvi to run classes at the RWS. All are welcome. See Events for timings.

Boxing & Fitness

We are currently supporting Lucky Gloves. See Events for timings.

Events**Covid 19*

Online events have been organised. Checkout the Events page.

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